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Put your mind at ease, as eTax service guarantee to take away this heavy burden off your shoulders without any headaches or hassle.

Life is too short to worry about Your Tax Returns

eTax service works as your personal tax assistant, as we prepare and file your annual or monthly tax returns. You’ll have our team of professionals and experts on your side, to help and advise on your tax affairs, no matter how simple or complex. Get in touch with our tax return team today to meet FBR’s deadlines and avoid unnecessary mistakes and penalties.

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Why File your Tax Returns & become a Filer?

- To Pay less Tax on your Banking Transactions, Transfer of Property, and Purchase, Registration, and Transfer of Vehicles
- To maintain and operate a Foreign Currency Accounts in Pakistan
- To Purchase Property of more than Rs. 4 million in value

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Acts - Ordinance - Rules - SRO/Notifications

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